Invitation Letter

We are inviting professional medical staff: physicians, nurses, physiotherapist, paramedics for Korean Modiental Medicine Practical Course.

Modern Korean Medicine is opening a new chapter in medicine, with a variety of tools and latest treatments added to its unique philosophy of focusing on functional and structural balance of the human body and improving self-healing capabilities. Difficult chronic pain can be safely and effectively addressed without surgery and steroids, and are also excellent for treating acute pain and are effective and reproducible. Also, the benefits of Korean Modiental Medical Treatment, which take into account individual body characteristics from cosmetic treatment to obesity treatment, provide customized health care for the whole of life.

The advanced Korean Modern Maesun Technique, which stimulates Acupoint and Meridian of Chinese Medicine sufficiently and has a more amazing beauty effect on any surgery or treatment by considering anatomical aspects.

We are waiting for you in beautiful city Cracow!

  • JM Yoon •
  • Choi Sung Woon •
  • Lena Kwon •
  • Jung Cheol •
  • Mieczysław Pasowicz



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